Independent & Assisted Living Fee Information

About our Fees

It doesn’t take long to see that Meadowbrook Village is a truly unique place. We’ve worked hard to provide quality service and amenities in a Christian atmosphere at a good value. Below is information on our unique fee structure.

Our Fee Structure

Meadowbrook Village charges three basic fees for each resident. The first is an Entrance Fee which varies based on the type, size and location of the unit. We refer to our Entrance Fee as a “Lifetime Lease” because it entitles you to enjoy your residence for life, in accordance with the Residence and Care Agreement. Meadowbrook will repay to you a portion of your Entrance Fee whenever you leave our community and your residence is re-occupied.

The second fee is the Basic Monthly Fee, which pays for the operational costs of the community. The Basic Monthly Fee includes landscaping and exterior maintenance costs, security, property taxes, some utilities (water, trash and sewer), access to all the common facilities, and discounts on meals each month in our Dining Room.

The final fee is the Monthly Service Fee, which includes expenses such as housekeeping, laundry, transportation, additional dining service, and assisted living services. Because we only charge you Service Fees for the services you actually use, this fee can be zero and varies depending on your individual needs and preferences.

What it means

Our up-front Entrance Fee followed by low monthly fees means long-term security. Once you are part of our community, the low on-going fees make living on a fixed income much more comfortable.

Our lifetime lease means a stable community. The friends and neighbors you grow to love at Meadowbrook enjoy the same long-term commitment to the community that you do.

Our fee structure means that services are tailored to your individual needs. Meadowbrook has available all the services you need for independent and assisted retirement living. However, the package of services you receive is specifically tailored to your needs to help maintain your independence and keep costs reasonable.

Contact us today to find out more about what fee structures are available to you.

Compare the difference

The base monthly cost at Meadowbrook Village includes many costs and services that you are probably paying for separately in your current home. The Monthly Cost Comparison worksheet will help you meaningfully evaluate some of the costs and benefits of Meadowbrook Village.